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Index of tutorials

This is the primary index of tutorials and guides submitted by members of the L3DT users community. These tutorials may be either local wiki pages, externally-hosted pages.

Tutorials in this wiki

We have tutorials on the following subject categories:

Category Description
L3DT Various tutorials on using the features of L3DT.
Blender Using L3DT with Blender.
TA Spring Using L3DT to make maps for TA Spring.
Terragen Using L3DT with Terragen.
Torque Using L3DT with the Torque game engines (TGE / TGEA / T3D).
3DS Max Using L3DT with 3D Studio Max.
ME-DEM Using L3DT for the Middle-Earth DEM project.
Zeolite API Using L3DT's Zeolite plugin API.
Troubleshooting Tutorials about troubleshooting common problems.

To read the tutorials on these subjects, please click on the 'subject category' links above.

L3DT tutorials found elsewhere on the web

Tutorials on using this website

How do I add a tutorial?

Please refer to the how to make a new page guide.

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