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L3DT Professional Edition

L3DT Professional is the fully-featured version of L3DT, which is intended for software developers, 3D game artists, and other professional users. To compare the features of the Professional and Standard editions, please refer to the comparisons page.

Free trial

If you would like to evaluate L3DT Professional before purchasing a license, please register for a free 90-day trial.

Purchasing a license

To purchase a license, please use the PayPal payment button below:

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Discount coupons

If you have a discount coupon, please enter it below before using the PayPal button.

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Renewing a license

If the free update period of your L3DT Professional license has elapsed, you can renew your license to access the latest versions, including a further two years' worth of updates. License renewals currently attract a 40% discount compared to new licenses. If you are interested in renewing your license, please contact to arrange a renewal discount code.

Indie or Commercial?

  • Indie licenses are available to individuals or companies with annual gross incomes of less than $250k USD.
  • Commercial licenses are for those with annual gross incomes greater than or equal to $250k USD.

Irrespective of license type, all versions of L3DT may be used for commercial purposes.

Exemption: Education institutions such as school, colleges and universities are not considered to be "commercial", and therefore may purchase indie licenses irrespective of their annual gross incomes.

Licensing and refunds policy

Please e-mail if you would like to discuss a discount for teaching purposes or bulk orders.

After your purchase...

After the purchase is confirmed, you will be sent an e-mail containing your activation key and further instructions for downloading and activating L3DT Professional. Key generation is currently a manual task, so your order may take up to two working days to be processed. Your patience is greatly appreciated.