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 +====== Climates, land types and materials ======
 +This page describes the algorithm used to assign land types in L3DT. If you're interested in making your own climates, it is recommended you read this page before proceeding to the [[l3dt:userguide:climates|climate user-guide]] or the [[bundywiki>tutorials:l3dt:newclimate|making a new climate]] tutorial.
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli:intro|Introduction to climates and land types]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli:climate|What is a 'climate'?]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli:land_type|What is a 'land type'?]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli:material|What is a 'material'?]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli:am_algo|Assigning land types ('the algorithm')]]
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