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seamless textures.

One of the trickier subjects in L3DT

seamless textures.

Postby dead.rabit » Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:47 pm

heyya, im not fond of taking pictures or turning non-seamless/tileable things into seamless/tileable things.

frankly, im not very good at it.

im looking for a standalone-program/photoshop-plugin, whereby i can put in some parameters and it will give me varius types of tiling noise images

i.e. perlin etc

up until now, ive been making tiny maps with L3DT and using that. but it has its weaknesses, in that its not what L3DT was designed to do.

filter forge was ideal, however its £200 over my budget. (its not free)

but such a program must exist, thanks for any info
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Postby JohnJ » Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:13 pm

If you want to make photographs into seamless textures, I would recommend: Texture Studio, which is free.

If you want to procedurally generate textures, I would recommend: MapZone, which is also free.

For generating amazing procedural textures, nothing beats MapZone, as far as I know (take a look at the gallery here). For making photographs into seamless textures, there may be better tools than Texture Studio, but not all are free :)
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