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Unable to import xyz file in terrain Builder (A3 tools)

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Unable to import xyz file in terrain Builder (A3 tools)

Postby PierreMGI » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:42 pm

I'm new on forum but experienced on chart referencing (Google Earth / mapcal2) for GPS navigation.

I'm trying to make a Bora Bora map(2048x2048), for Arma3, with L3DT and terrain builder (A3 tools).
I created two jpg files : heightfield and textureMap . Sounds well but 2 problems:

if i close and reopen the projet i get this message :
L3DTio_FI::LoadMapFile error
- Error loading image
CMapGroup::AutoLoadMap error:
- cannot load mipmap file

i failed to import xyz file in terrain builder, probably because Bora Bora is located in Southern hemisphere : 5K in UTM zone.
I dont understand georeferencing in L3DT spending hours for trying LD3T to cope with Terrain builder.

I tried UTM zone 5 and -5 in L3DT georeferencing and also lat/long in degrees...

Creating a mapFrame in terrain builder is easy : zone 5K to be coherent with Google Earth.
But when importing the xyz file created with L3DT, I always get this message :
"Zone of imported data is too far from project reference zone. Data cannot be imported."

Somebody could help me?
Thank you
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Re: Unable to import xyz file in terrain Builder (A3 tools)

Postby Aaron » Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:00 pm

Hi Pierre,

I apologise for the delay in my reply.

The XYZ plugin does not yet support georeferencing; the X and Y coordinates are always relative to the southwest corner, which is defined as x=y=0. I will add it to my to-do list to enable georeferencing in this plugin. At present, georeferencing in L3DT is only supported by the BT, HFZ and GeoTIFF plugins.

Regarding the error message, can you please send me the whole logfile? (to aaron@bundysoft.com) You can get to it by clicking on the 'All programs->Bundysoft->L3DT [version]->L3DT logs' shortcut in the Windows Start menu. That shortcut will open a directory, in which you will find a file called 'log.txt'. With the logfile, I should be able to reproduce the fault and work out what is going wrong.

Best regards,
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Re: Unable to import xyz file in terrain Builder (A3 tools)

Postby Spookygnu » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:36 am

Hi, when you open TB and you have the UTM zone. you don't need to reference it with its real world location. Terrain builder is still not fully functionally it is best to follow this.

If you have managed to put your heightmap in l3dt ok, when you export it, click options on the dialogue box and double click the boolean from true to false. If you export it as an acs file it will load into TB quicker and I think I'm right in saying that the terrain is read better in in Terrain builder in this format. you still need to change the boolean to false though.

Terrain builder:

New project

Add new mapframe

click ok

then cancel the properties window that pops up.

Import terrrain, set the eastings to 200000.000 and the northings to 0.000,

If you do both above, you should be ok in viewing it in TB. Might be worth joining the arma map makers skype channel too, that is a hive of knowledge and everyone is really helpful, sometimes with an instant response.

Also if you are doing a map for arma for the first time i'd suggest getting a hold of the abc sample map tutorial. It is designed for arma 3 beginners and is very easy and simple to follow covering the basics like one of you issues. I followed that and the base process you use in the tutorial will help your workflow.


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Re: Unable to import xyz file in terrain Builder (A3 tools)

Postby boblanders » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:36 pm

i suggest not using .xyz files for TB, it seems to hate working with that particular format.. same with PNG's. i use .asc for my heightfield and .bmp for my sat texture/mask....
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