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I can not save my project

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I can not save my project

Postby shail295 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:48 pm

Guys i'm new at this software and i can not save my created terrain. So, plz help me to solve this problem. These are the problems I am facing now.

1.FreeImage failed to save file '\AM-image\_AM-image_x0y0.png'
CExtDLL::SaveTileFile error

2.call to DLL function 'SaveTileFile' failed
CMosaicMap::SaveTile error

3.call to format-specific SaveTile failed
CMosaicMap::SaveMosaic error

4.SaveTile failed for tile (0,0 - index 0)
CMosaicMap::FreeMosaic warning:

5.call to SaveMosaic failed
CMosaicMap::SaveMosaicMasterEx error

6.cannot open file for writing
CMosaicMap::SaveMosaicMaster error

7.call to SaveMosaicMasterEx failed

Thank You For Help!!! :) :)
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Re: I can not save my project

Postby Aaron » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:51 pm

Dear shail295,

I apologise for this fault. Can you please send me the log file? You can get to it using the 'All programs->Bundysoft->L3DT [version]->L3DT logs' shortcut in the Windows start menu. That link will open a directory in which you will find a file called 'log.txt'. Please send it to aaron@bundysoft.com. With the logfile, I will be able to work out what is going wrong. Please collect the log file after the fault occurs in L3DT, and before re-opening the program, as the log file is overwritten at the start of each session.

Best regards,
Aaron Torpy
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