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Help with Tiles

Postby aisaiwolff » Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:54 pm

So i have a huge map, when i export the tiled landscape i get 8x8 tiles
but when i export the textures im getting more like 10x10 tiles. why is this not automatic to export the same amount of tiles as the terrain? why it keeps outputting too many? it kinda make this useless if there is no way to export the same amount of

it takes 2 hours each time i render anything out so its really getting annoying that no matter what i do it wont export the textures with same amount of tiles as the hightmap. please tell me how to make this automatic.
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Re: Help with Tiles

Postby Aaron » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:53 pm

Hi Aisaiwolff,

I'm sorry for the delay in my reply. May I ask which exporter you are using for the heightfield and the texture? Is it just the 'File->Export->Export map' menu option, or are you using one of the fancier export options?

Generally in L3DT, you control the number of tiles by setting the tile size (i.e. the number of tiles in the X or Y dimension is the map size divided by the tile size, both measured in pixels). The export user interface should tell you how many tiles it is exporting when you set the tile size.

In answer to your question of why this isn't automatic; L3DT won't automatically change the number of tiles to match because this would necessarily involve changing the tile size, which could break compatibility with other applications that have specific tile size requirements. L3DT expects the user has chosen the tile size they need, and won't ever override the users decision. However, you can, and most users probably do, keep a 1:1 correspondence between heightifeld and texture tiles by setting the tile size accordingly (e.g. if the texture is 4x larger than the heightmap, make the texture tile size 4x larger than the heightfield tile size).

It does sound a bit odd though if you've got 8x8 heightfield tiles and 10x10 texture tiles. What are the sizes of your heightmap and texture map (in pixels?)

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