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Megaterrain to T3D bug

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Megaterrain to T3D bug

Postby HerrGott » Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:51 pm

Hi, i have an small issue at recombining an 1024 x 256 Terrain in Torque 3D.
The Problem apears, when i export the Terrain with megatextures und combining it in Torque it looks like this :
The border where the Terrain ist cut off looks dark and terrible. All other edges look fine and have nice Textures.
Can somebody tell me my mistake or even an solution for this Problem?
Thx @ all
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Postby Aaron » Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:06 pm

Hi HerrGott,

T3D doesn't yet support MegaTerrain. More specifically, it creates texture seams at the X+ and Y+ edges of each tile because it doesn't use the correct texture coordinate wrapping mode (it's using wrapping instead of clamping). There is now way for a 3rd party program to 'fix' the files to overcome this problem; this needs to be fixed in T3D.

As far as I can recall, this problem was present in TGEA MegaTerrain too.

Anyway, this issue is why the MegaTerrain export option in L3DT is hidden in the 'BETA TEST' menu, and comes with dire warnings.

Best regards,
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Postby HerrGott » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:31 am

Hi Aaron,
thank you very much for your quick Help. Ok now i understand, why this part of L3DT ist called "Beta" :). But it would be an very interesting way for generating rectangle landscapes in T3D, maybe for driving simulation and so on. We are using automaticly generated street-meshes from Matlab in T3D and combining it to an Landscape where the Road-layer is combined with the merge-tool in L3DT. So it generates prety good fitting roads, but there is no need for an 1024 x 1024 Landscape, better would be an 1024 x 256 one :). I will post a Topic at the Garagegames Forum. Maybe they are able to fix the Problem in future versions of T3D.

Best regards
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