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New resource folders on updates

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New resource folders on updates

Postby CBFASI » Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:56 pm

Can we please have L3Dt use the same resource folder on each update...

Applied the new beta, and I now have to move all my own climate files to the new resources folder to get it to use them..

If on installation it picked up the fact your using the same old folder for installation it would then use the same resources folder for the climtes etc.

Eg. I use c:/L3Dt Professional each time.
yet I have now

c:\documents and settings\*user_name*\L3Dt\resources\Pro
c:\documents and settings\*user_name*\L3Dt\resources\Pro
c:\documents and settings\*user_name*\L3Dt\resources\Pro

I got no problem if it overwrites what needs to be updated but having to manually copy files around is annoying.
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Re: New resource folders on updates

Postby Aaron » Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:33 pm


Sorry, each version must install with its own resources folder to prevent conflicts with other installed versions. If they were all installed in the same folder, you might have the case where a new beta release could break the previous stable release by including resources that cannot be read by the older version. Backwards incompatibility with resources is not uncommon, thus we use separate resources folders.

That said, if you want to throw them all in together, you can tell L3DT to load the resources from your own shared folder. To do this, select the 'Settings->File paths' menu option. In the file paths window, double-click on the 'L3DT->Resources' folder, and set it to your desired folder. When you restart L3DT, it should read all resources from that folder. If you do this, be sure to include all relevant resources in that folder, including climates, materials, scripts, filters, graphs &c.

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