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Useless utility I wrote

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Useless utility I wrote

Postby wet_mutt » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:45 am

Here's a little utility I made called hff2png. It's completely useless because L3DT already does this (I wrote this as a programming exercise).


Anyway I found it usefull because it quickly converted my large map and allowed me to scale the output images (I don't have L3DT on this computer). It works with mosiac maps if you give it the .mmf file.

Suggestions please :D I'm trying to improve my coding skills. Maybe I'll make a win32 gui for this or something.

aaron you're an awesome coder man, there's no way I could write something like L3DT. It's amazing you wrote that whole program!

/completely useless post
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Postby Aaron » Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:16 am

Hi Wett Mutt,

Bravo! I had a quick play with it and it seems to work really well (and it's fast too.) I'd agree that a GUI would be a good next step - I'm pretty sure the average Windows user these days is rather uncomfortable with the command line.

As for programming L3DT; it began as a simple programming exercise too - I knew barely any C++ when I started all this back in 2003 (If I can find a copy of v1.0 you'll see what I mean.) I think it just comes down to finding/stumbling upon the 'right' project, finding the spare time, getting plenty of user feedback, and keeping at it.

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