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L3DT and Ogre's default terrain renderer

Postby DaveC » Thu Jan 10, 2008 6:18 pm

Hey there Mr Aaron Torpy, thanks for the free Pro trial.
I did try to send this information to you via e-mail, but it kept getting rejected due to "virus or spam".

Anyways, there's some screenshots and YouTube video links of my current project on my website which can be found...
(on the index page)

If the above link doesn't work (I am a newb with all this DNS stuff), my current dynamic IP address is/was...

It's a very early work-in-progress game project using the graphics engine Ogre http://ogre3d.org with it's default (not PLSM2) terrain renderer (I had trouble with PLSM2 crashing (probably my fault)), billboard impostering for grass, a skybox and a buggy water gpu program.

It's using a 2kx2k heightmap and a 4kx4k colourmap generated with L3DT.

Once PLSM 3 is released, I'll try and get a much larger dataset into Ogre, I'd love to have an absolutely massive terrain to fly/run/shoot things in ;)

Thanks again for the free trial,
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