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CG Textures

Postby Aaron » Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:21 pm

Hi Everyone,

I recently stumbled across http://www.cgtextures.com/, and I was mightily impressed by their library of free-to-use textures (specifically, their grasses). Anyone interested in making new climates/materials for L3DT may want to give them a look.

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Re: CG Textures

Postby Missouri76 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:07 am

Ok , so i recently downloaded a pretty slick skybox from CG Textures, but when i photoshopped it up, well for one, the first image of the two there is for this perticular skybox, is just one entire strip image. To the best of my knowledge , theres no way to display an image like this as a skybox. As far as i can tell , the skybox image must actualy be several images that are used within a cube map. No problems i understand all that fine. So back to the problem at hand.

The first image is all but useless cause its one strip, but the second image is the different sides seperated. Two problems though, the skybox is drawn so low, that basicly everything below the middle - center, of the images surrounding the front , left , right , rear, are not seen on the world plane , which exsists at Vector.zero. The second issue is that, only neither of the the two images representing the top / bottom actually fit properly in the cube map. One edge exsists beuatifully together , and the other three are horrible.

Im curious if theres maybe any tips , tricks , or people that have used skyboxes from CGTextures, might be able to give me a couple pointers. Im pretty sure i sliced and arranged the images correctly. Also, maybe theres another way to do skyboes im not aware of? I dunno , jsut kinda frustrated over this , cause i can make my own that look crappy as hell, haha , but this one looks real good , except for these slight issues.
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