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 +====== BundyWiki Admin ======
 +This wiki, like the rest of this site, is administered by [[mailto:aaron@bundysoft.com|Aaron Torpy]]. If you have an urgent problem with any content contained herein, he's the guy to call (or e-mail, I suppose). For non-urgent problems, suggestions or comments, please leave them on the [[admin:talk|talk page]]. 
 +If you find any broken links or unfinished pages, please list them on the [[admin:unfinished|unfinished pages]] page.
 +The rules for this wiki - //more like guidelines, really// - may be found on the [[admin:rules|rules page]]. Have fun, but play nice!
 +Cheerio --- //[[user>2|aaron]] 2006/03/14 20:52//
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