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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats DirectDraw surface (.dds)
Version, 17th of June 2007
Download link Incuded with L3DT installer (as of L3DT v2.5.1.8)
Source code Available on request
Dependencies DevIL.dll (included), and L3DT v2.5a or later.


  • Installation instructions are included in the zip archive.
  • This plugin adds DDS support for:
    • Normals map.
    • Light map.
    • Texture map.
    • Generic MAP_TerrainNormals (used for climate bump maps).
    • Generic MAP_24bit (used for climate textures, alpha maps).
    • Generic MAP_DWORD (used for alpha maps).
  • This plugin uses the DevIL image library.

As of L3DT release 2.9 (July 2010), this plugins has been replaced by L3DTio_DDS2.


  • 2007/06/17 — Fixed mosaic support and InvertY option. Also added to L3DT installer.
  • 2007/02/24 — Updated an error message.
  • 2007/02/18 — Released.
  • 2007/02/09 — Development commenced.
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