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Comparison of editions

The differences between L3DT Standard and Professional editions, in terms of features, are summarised in the table below. If you have any questions, please ask them in the L3DT Community Forums, or via e-mail to sales@bundysoft.com.

Licence info
Edition name Standard Professional Pro trial
License cost free $34.95 - $149.951) free
License expiry never never 90 days
Free upgrades unlimited two years 90 days
Commercial use Yes! Yes! Yes!
Map size limits (pixels)
Heightfield 2049 × 2049 131,072 × 131,072 (with disk paging)
Texture map 2049 × 2049 4M × 4M (with disk paging)
Advanced features
Multi-core support No Yes! Yes!
Map batch generation No Yes! Yes!
Filter graph calculations No Yes! Yes!
Torque TER exporter No Yes! Yes!
Torque Atlas exporter No Yes! Yes!
Spring SD7 exporter No Yes! Yes!
High-resolution textures up to 4× up to 32×
(with improved blending)
High-resolution light maps No up to 32×
(with bump-mapping option)
High-resolution normal maps No up to 32×
(with bump-mapping option)
High-resolution attributes map No up to 32×
High-resolution alpha maps No up to 32×
Alpha map file formats 8-bit BMP only 8/24/32-bit BMP/PNG/TGA/DDS/etc

1) L3DT Professional is available in Indie ($34.95) and Commercial ($149.95) versions.
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