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Downloading and installing plugins


To download a plugin, go to the plugin repository, follow the links to the plugin you want to use, and download the plugin. Plugins are '.zeo' or '.dll' files (these are equivalent), but are usually compressed in a zip archive, and so will need to be unzipped prior to use. If the zip archive also includes a 'readme.txt'. file, you are advised to read that file and follow its instructions before proceeding with the installation.

Plugins contain machine-executable code. If the plugin has a security flaw or was written by a malicious developer, it may allow a third party to take unauthorised control of your computer. You should only install plugins if you trust the plugin developer.


To install the plugin, first copy it to the extension directory for your L3DT installation, which should be:

C:\Program files\Bundysoft\L3DT [version]\Extensions\

Then, you need to install the plugin in L3DT. This may be done by opening L3DT and using the 'load' button in the extension manager.

Installing or un-installing plugins requires L3DT to be restarted.


If you are updating a plugin that is already installed, simply copy the new plugin file (.zeo) over the old one. Plugins are normally found in the following directory:

C:\Program files\Bundysoft\L3DT [version]\Extensions\


Once the plugin has been installed and L3DT has been restarted, it will be ready to use. Instructions on how to use the plugin should be provided on the relevent page in the plugin repository.

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