L3DT documentation
Large 3D terrain generator

Bits and pieces of source code

This page lists the small amount of code from the L3DT source that I've released over the years in response to user requests.

The code


  • Click here for a list of source code for example plugins.

File input and output

L3DTVi2 (old 3D-viewer)

  • Complete Delphi/GLScene source-code is available here. This source was released into the public domain by its author, Stuart Gooding.

External libraries

L3DT uses a number of free libraries and bits of code to do some dirty-work, including loading and saving images, various user-interface things, and the odd bit of encryption. See the list of libraries used by L3DT for links to the relevant projects.

Which languages are used?

Requesting code

I will consider requests for code to improve compatibility with other programs, and also for fairly-simple 'how did you do x?' problems. Please address such queries to aaron@bundysoft.com.

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