L3DT documentation
Large 3D terrain generator

Dependencies of L3DT

L3DT makes use of several dynamically linked libraries (DLLs). The following DLLs must be present for L3DT to run properly:

3rd party DLLs, included in the installer

  • DevIL.dll (for L3DTio_DDS)
  • FreeImage.dll (for L3DTio_FI)
  • zlib1.dll (for L3DTio_HF2, L3DTio_AMF)
  • libcurl.dll, libssl32.dll, libssh2.dll, libeay32.dll (for zURL)
  • lib3ds.dll (for L3DTio_3DS)

System DLLs, not in the installer

  • winhttp.dll (L3DT for Torque)
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