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Licenses and updates FAQ

How do I download updates?

Standard Edition

If you are using the free L3DT Standard Edition, free updates and developmental builds are available from the Standard Edition downloads page.

Professional Edition

If you are using L3DT Professional, updates and developmental builds may be downloaded from the Professional Edition downloads page (consult your registration/sales e-mail for the link.)

Pro for Torque

L3DT for Torque was discontinued by GarageGames in March of 2016. If you have a license for L3DT for Torque and would like to continue using L3DT Professional, please contact sales@bundysoft.com for assistance.

I've lost my license key. How can I retrieve it?

Please e-mail sales@bundysoft.com to retrieve your key, and include the following information:

  • Your name as stated on the original purchase,
  • Your e-mail address as stated on the original purchase (if different from sender), and;
  • Date of purchase (approximate is OK).

How do I renew my license to receive new updates?

To renew an L3DT Professional license to receive a further two years' worth of updates, please e-mail sales@bundysoft.com and quote:

  • Your name as stated on the original purchase, and;
  • Your e-mail address as stated on the original purchase (if different from sender).

Can L3DT be used for commercial purposes?

This is covered in the terms and conditions of the L3DT EULA.

Unless stated otherwise in that document, the terms of the agreement permit the use of new works created using L3DT for commercial purposes without royalties or other restrictions. Copyright of said works are the property of their respective creators. However, copyright and all other intellectual property rights of and to the L3DT software and associated digital media is retained by Bundysoft. Thus, neither the whole nor any part of the L3DT software may be re-packaged, copied or re-distributed without my written authority.

Can I purchase a license by bank transfer or money order?

Sorry, no. Fees for money orders and direct transfers from foreign banks are outrageous. However, if you do not have any other convenient method of payment (PayPal, debit/credit card) you can pay by bank transfer using PayPal's eCheque facility. Please note that this will require you to create a PayPal account and link it to your bank account.

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