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Importing a design map

L3DT can import the altitude layer of the design map from binary terrain formats or image files. For example, the design map for Japan (and selected parts of Korea and/or China and/or Russia) is shown below. This design map was imported from a VTP binary terrain file (.bt).

To import a design map, select the 'File→Import→Design map…' option from the menu. The first part of the import process is the same as for importing a heightfield, so you are recommended to read that part of the user-guide before proceeding. After the file has been imported, you will be passed through to the Import design map wizard, shown below.

The options are as follows:

File→DM down-sampling This option allows you to enter the down-sampling rate from the file to the design map. Typically, this is set to the same value as the 'DM→HF up-sampling' value (see below), as this means the final output heightfield will be the same size as the input file. However, if you want to make a heightfield larger than the input file, use a down-sample rate that is smaller than the up-sample rate.
Specify DM size These edit boxes allow you to specify an arbitrary width and height for the design map. This is similar to - but mutually exclusive with - the File→DM sample rate option.
DM→HF up-sampling This option sets the inflation factor to be used in the design/inflate algorithm when generating the heightfield. Small values will give you a small heightfield for a given design map size, and large values will give you a large heightfield for a given design map size. The default value is 64.
Split heightfield into tiles (mosaic map) With this option enabled, any heightfield you generate from this design map will be saved as a dynamically cached mosaic map.

After clicking on the Next » wizard button, you will be asked to input some of the design map parameters such as climate and lake coverage (etc) via the design map parameters wizard pane.

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