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RAM chart

The Ram chart window (shown below) allows you to monitor the memory usage of L3DT, including L3DT's total allocation (green line), the map-only allocation (yellow line), the out-of-RAM (paged mosaic) map allocation (red line), and the remaining available RAM (white line). This window is accessed by selecting the 'Utilities→Ram chart…' menu option.

The status text at the bottom of the window includes additional information about the system's current memory status, as summarised below:

Label Description
Maps The amount of RAM currently used by L3DT for map data (yellow line).
Paged The amount of map data that L3DT currently has paged to disk (red line).
Working set The total amount of RAM currently used by L3DT (green line).
Avail (virt.) The amount of RAM that the system reports is available to L3DT (white line).
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