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Execute a Zeolite extension function in a new worker thread.

Function prototype

bool CExtAPI::zeofunc_ExecuteThreaded(ZFUNC hFunc, ZLIST hArgList, bool DeleteArgs, long ThreadPriority);


Name Type Comment
hFunc ZFUNC A handle to the extension function to be executed.
hArgList ZLIST A handle to the argument list to be passed to the function.
DeleteArgs bool A flag stating whether or not the function should delete its arguments once it has completed.
ThreadPriority long The desired priority of the new thread. See SetThreadPriority in MSDN for allowed values.

Return value

False if an error occurred when retrieving or calling the function, and true otherwise.



If you have allocated a temporary list of arguments for this function call that will not be used again, you may set set DeleteArgs to true to have the function delete the temporary list when it exits. You should never set DeleteArgs to true whenever the argument list is accessible by other threads.

Function return value

Unlike zeofunc_Execute2, zeofunc_ExecuteThreaded provides no method to retrieve the return value of the extension function hFunc. This is because the extension function has not, in general, returned by the time zeofunc_ExecuteThreaded returns. The function call is asynchronous.

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