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API Functions

This page is currently being updated to the latest version (Zeolite v16.01). Some links may be broken, or refer to the previous API version. I apologise for this inconvenience.

Error / logging functions

Variable functions

Variable type functions

String functions

List functions

Map functions

Map initialisation

Map size and scaling

Pixel access

Settings and flags

File input and output


Mosaic functions

Mosaic tile functions

Direct memory access

File format functions

ZeoFunc functions

Buffer functions

Progress box functions

File selector functions

Directory selector functions

Combination selector functions

Script functions

File / directory functions (zFile.h)

Menu functions (zMenu.h)

Project functions (zProj.h)

Project initialisation

Loading/saving the project

Map access

Loading / saving maps

Project settings

Scale settings


View functions (zView.h)

Application settings functions (helper/zApp.h and helper/zSettings.h)

Undo / backup / restore functions (helper/zBackup.h)

XML functions (helper/zXML.h)

Calculation manager functions (helper/zCalcMan.h)

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