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Download the L3DT Plugin API

The API source files

Download link zeolite_v16.01.zip
Version 16.01
Date 05-Mar-2016
Size 91B
Changes See change log for a list of changes.
Compatibility L3DT release 16.01 or later.

Included in this archive

The Zeolite API comprises three 'core' files; Zeolite.cpp, Zeolite.h and Zeolite_defines.h. Also included is the code for several 'wrapper' classes and helper files, which aren't strictly required but are mighty useful.

Example plugins

Please check out the examples page for source code for Zeolite plugins.

Supported languages, development environments

All source code is in C++. This code is not specific to any particular IDE, but Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or later is recommended. Bindings for other languages are possible due to the standard function definitions 1), but have not yet been implemented.


Please consult the main Zeolite page for on-line documentation. There is no off-line version.

1) Refer to function definitions in Zeolite.h.
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