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November 25

Recent happenings

Hi Everyone,

Development has been a little slow for the past few months due to other commitments, but I'm starting to get back into the job of preparing L3DT for the next release, which now seems more likely to be early 2017 rather than late 2016.

In other news:

At the end of July this year, Kagi.com ceased trading. Until that time, I had been using Kagi as one of the payment options in the store (along with PayPal). The store now only accepts payment by PayPal. License renewal discount, which had previously been handled through Kagi's discount coupon system, has now been re-implemented on this site using PayPal.

As of L3DT 16.11 build 1, L3DT will now check at startup whether other sessions of L3DT are running, and if so, will give you the choice of aborting the new session or terminating the old one. This change was made to prevent the corruption of settings files that may occur when running multiple sessions of L3DT at the same time.

Best regards, Aaron.

2016/11/25 13:10 · aaron
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