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In the mean time...

With L3DT release 2.8 due in two weeks time, and hopefully all the debugging now sorted out with v2.8 beta 2, I now have some time to indulge in working on fun stuff for the next major release (v2.9). Just now I've been tinkering with the networking plugins for running calculations in a render-farm environment. I started work on this way back in April of last year, but ran into a few problems with packet loss somewhere in my asynchronous TCP socket plugin. I am pleased to now say that the asynchronous TCP socket plugin has been fixed and finished, and the network calculation client and server plugins are now nearly ready. The plugins run the texture and normal mapping calculations correctly over the network, but I have still to automate synchronisation of project settings and climates between server and client. I'll let you know how it goes…

Cheerio, Aaron.

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