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L3DT v2.0 release announcement

Date: 19th of August 2003

L3DT Release 2 has escaped!

'Escape' is probably a bit dramatic - 'left home' would be a better way to put it. Sick of sitting around on my computer, Release 2 uploaded itself onto the downloads page and is patiently waiting there for you to give it a home on your Win32 PC.

Release 2 is a big improvement over 1.5 - it's faster, it does more, and it's easier to use. Check out the intro page for the new list of features, or go to the gallery to see the results.

There have been some major changes to the heightfield algorithm and the design-map (formerly 'intermediate map'). The light-mapping routine has also been rewritten and is a lot better now. If you're interested in such things check out the tech info page.

Because of the cornucopia of changes made between L3DT release 1.5 and release 2, backwards compatibility has gone out the door - maps made in versions older than release 2 will not load in release 2. Future versions will, however, be backwards-compatible with release 2 (I promise).

I'm eager to get feedback, so please play around with it, try to break it, try to make it do something it can't do, and then email any suggestions / criticisms / thoughts / whatever to aaron.torpy@yahoo.com.

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