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L3DT v2.4beta1 release announcement

Date: 14th of April 2006

L3DT v2.4 beta-release available!

The first beta-release of L3DT v2.4 is available for public testing.

What is different?

The full list of changes is provided on the release history page. Of these, the important ones are:

  • Numerous file format changes, including:
    • MGF is now PROJ.
    • CLI is now CLI.XML.
    • DEF is now DEF.XML.
    • RAW has more options, and can be imported.
    • PNG has more options.
    • BT now supports lat/lon coordinates, and geo-ref data is preserved.
    • There's now the option to flip the y-axis in most image formats.
  • A walk-through guide is provided in the application.
  • Several steps in map-building have been streamlined.
  • Countless bug-fixes.

The scripting engine intended for the final release of L3DT v2.4 is not enabled in this beta, but will be included in another beta-release May/June.

How to get it?

If you use the unregistered Standard Edition, you can get the installer here. If you've registered for the trial of the Professional Edition, the download details were provided in the registration info e-mail you received. If you haven't registered, but would like to, please follow these instructions.

Please note that this beta-release will not affect your current installation of L3DT.


A complete user-guide to the new version is provided in the all-new documentation wiki. An off-line copy of this documentation is not provided with the installer, but will be for the final release of v2.4.


Please post suggestions, comments or questions on this thread in the community forum.

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