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L3DT v2.4beta2 release announcement

Date: 3rd of May 2006

L3DT v2.4 beta-release available!

The second beta-release of L3DT v2.4 is now available for download. This update fixes a few bugs from beta1, and also significantly re-works the script-handling internals. The change-log may be read here.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Incorrect handling of file pathnames containing '.' (particularly for mosaics).
  • Could not export 8-bit images.
  • Wrong file extensions written in parts of the alpha-map XML file.
  • Incorrect handling of key expiry date in L3DT Professional.

All users of the evaluation-version of L3DT Professional are recommended to re-enter their activation key codes ('Settings→Activation code'), which will reset the expiry date to the correct value. Otherwise your key will expire long before it should.

Scripting (not quite yet)

One of the main features intended for L3DT v2.4 is a scripting-interface to allow users to write their own algorithms, file importers/exporters, and otherwise customise L3DT's behaviour. Just how much of this will be actually be possible in v2.4 is yet to be determined, but this beta-release includes a lot of low-level changes required to make it happen (upgraded run-time environment, script compiler, etc). If you don't notice any difference in behaviour or performance between beta1 and beta2, these changes have been successful.

Next release

In the next release, which will either be beta3 or the final v2.4, I'll finally let you play with the scripting system. There are also a few other features on the to-do list for v2.4, but they are of lesser importance, so they may be deferred to v2.4a. Whichever way it goes, the next release will be around about the end of May.

Commercial release?

Not yet, but soon. I'll let you know.

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