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How to install new climates

To install a climate you have downloaded from the climate repository, firstly uncompress the climate zip file. Within the climate zip file should be one or more folders. Copy these directories into L3DT's climate folder. For L3DT release 2.8 and later, the climate folder is located at:

Windows 7/Vista C:\Users\[username]\L3DT\[version]\Resources\Climates\
Windows XP/2k C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\L3DT\[version]\Resources\Climates\
Linux+WINE \home\[user name]\.wine\drive_c\windows\profiles\[user name]\L3DT\[version]\Resources\Climates\

Once the climate is placed in the correct folder, open L3DT and select the 'Climates→Climate manager' menu option. In the climate manager, press the 'load new…' button, and select the climate file (*.cli.xml).

Your climate should now be ready to use.


If these steps did not work, please let us know using the help and support forum.

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