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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats CSV (comma separated value) spreadsheet files.
Download link L3DTio_CSV-bin.zip [104kB]
Last update v2.9.5.0, 10th of November 2010.
Dependencies L3DT v11.08 or later.
How to install? Please refer to the plugin installation guide.

CSV format details

When loading a CSV map file, L3DTio_CSV requires that the file is formatted in accordance with the following rules:

  1. The file does not include column heading or other header data.
  2. The file contains only numerical values, commas, newlines and white-spaces.
  3. Every line is terminated by one newline character, including the last line of map data (note: carriage returns are optional).
  4. Every line in the file has the same number of values (more specifically, the same number of commas).

Example file(s)

Map size Map type File size Download link Comments
256x256px Heightfield 701kB raw, 278kB zipped HF_as_CSV.zip CSV file is in zip archive.


2011/10/15 — Updated to v2.9.5.

2009/01/07 — Released.

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