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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats HF2, HFZ, HF2.GZ (see spec/description here).
Download link Included with L3DT v2.5 RC3.2 or later.
Source code Over here
Last update v2.7.2.0, released 18th of April 2008.
Dependencies zlib (included), L3DT v2.5.2.7 or later.


  • 2009/04/18 — Released v2.7.2.0, with fix for EPSG projection code handling.
  • 2007/09/15 — Fixed bug in export to single file from mosaic, when map size is not multiple of internal tile size.
  • 2007/09/14 — Fixed bounds-checker in in super-large file loader.
  • 2007/09/13 — Updated to LibHFZ v1.4, allowing load-to-mosaic import for very large single files.
  • 2007/07/03 — Updated to LibHFZ v1.3.1, fixing a bug with tile writing.
  • 2007/04/09 — Updated to LibHFZ v1.1.1, adding georeferencing support.
  • 2007/03/05 — Updated to LibHFZ v1.0.1, fixing HF2 write and read of odd sizes.
  • 2007/03/03 — Uploaded.
  • 2007/02/28 — Compiled.
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