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Download example plugin projects

Below you will find a list of zip archives that contain the C++ source code for a number of L3DT plugins. These DLL projects can be built with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or later. To compile the plugins, you will also need a copy of the Zeolite plugin API.

Plugin project Source code What is it?
TestDLL testdll-src.zip An empty demonstration plugin project.
L3DTio_DMF L3DTio_DMF-src.zip A simple example, for loading/saving design map files.
L3DTio_X L3DTio_X-src.zip A simple example, for exporting DirectX mesh files.
L3DTio_HFF L3DTio_HFF-src.zip A complex example, for loading/saving HFF heightfield files (including mosaics).
L3DTio_HFZ L3DTio_HFZ-src.zip An even more complex example, for loading/saving HF2/HFZ compressed heightfield files (also including mosaics).
L3DTio_WMF L3DTio_WMF-src.zip A plugin for loading/saving WMF water map files (including mosaics too).
L3DTio_BigBitmap L3DTio_BigBitmap-src.zip A plugin to export a mosaic map as a really large bitmap, without memory restrictions.
L3DTio_Atlas2 L3DTio_Atlas2-src.zip A plugin to create Atlas maps via TGEA scripts.
SphericalDistort SphericalDistort-src.zip An rather complex example of a filter plugin that distorts the heightfield onto a sphere. This plugin also adds options to the L3DT menu.
atGrowTilesByOne atGrowTilesByOne-src.zip A plugin that re-sizes tiles in mosaic maps to include an extra row and column of data from neighbouring tiles.
atFuncBrowser atFuncBrowser-src.zip A plugin that allows users to browse the extension functions available in the plugin API via zeofunc_GetFunc and zeofunc_Execute.
atLightMapSequence atLightMapSequence-src.zip A plugin to calculate a sequence of light maps automatically. This plugin demonstrates how to call L3DT calculation functions ('calc.LM.GenMap', in this case), and how to apply settings to the project settings list.
atFilterAM atFilterAM-src.zip A plugin to filter the attributes map and generate alpha maps.
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