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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats MOLA '.LBL' and '.IMG' files.
Download link L3DTio_MOLA-bin.zip
Last update Version, released 4 Jan 2010.
Dependencies L3DT release 2.8 or later.
How to install? Please refer to the plugin installation guide.
Forum thread http://www.bundysoft.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1291.

Using L3DTio_MOLA

To import Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) data sets, select the 'File→Import→Import MOLA terrain' menu option, and select the LBL file to be loaded. The L3DTio_MOLA plugin will load the map description from the LBL file, and then load the data from the associated IMG file.

Where to download MOLA data?

MOLA data is available from the PDS Geosciences Node at Wash. U.. The data is available in five different resolutions, from 4 pixels per degree up to 128 pixels per degree. Please note that the very highest resolution MOLA topography data (128 pixels per degree) has a lateral resolution of 463 metres per pixel, which is quite coarse for game purposes.

Which data file?

There are several flavours of MOLA data, including AREOID_RADIUS, COUNTS_PER_BIN, MEAN_RADIUS, and MEDIAN_TOPOGRAPHY. To load Mars terrain in L3DT, you should select the MEDIAN_TOPOGRAPHY map files, which may be identified by their filename prefix of 'megt'.


MOLA terrain, 2D view.

MOLA terrain, 3D view.


2010/01/04 — Released v2.7.4.2, with support for L3DT Standard Edition. Also adds LBL file format handler.

2009/11/26 — Released v2.7.4.0.

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