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Sapphire to-do list

Sapphire is still very much in active development. Below are listed the main features to be added in the near future. If you would like to request a feature, please do so at the bottom of the page.


  • Use build lists for each visible patch.

Map editing

  • Add heightfield brushes:
    • Special overlays, for file overlay, volcano, plateau and mountain.
    • Fluvial erosion
    • River?
  • Edit DM in 3D?

User interface

  • When toggling between flying and walking, store/restore flying altitude. Also, accelerate between the two, rather than teleport (see request).
  • Add tooltips to toolbar.
  • Add compass indicator to HUD.
  • Allow user to set HUD text colour / HUD background.
  • Add mini-map to HUD.
  • Make mouse x/y/z pos text hover next to cursor.
  • Add marker/tag support, and teleport to marker.


  • Geep mode.
  • Flight-sim mode.

Eye candy

  • Anaglyph (stereo 3D) rendering.

Ideas that didn't work

  • Rendering HF/WM tiles at same time for cache coherency (stuffed up WM transparency).


Please leave your requests below:

  • Raise/Lower brush tool that lowers/raises by a set amount, and doesn't re-apply to pixels in the same brush stroke. If possible, make linear or spline-based.
  • Select area tool in 3D.
  • Export selected area as mesh (aligned to patch boundaries).
  • Define movement paths.
  • Seamless tiling/repeating of terrain.
  • Grid overlay in Sapphire.
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