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What is a 'climate'?

A climate is a grouping of land types (such as grass, woodland, rocks and so forth) used to generate the attributes map and the texture map. The distribution of climates in a map is set in the design map, and multiple climates in one map is allowed.

The contents of a climate are best illustrated by the climate editor window, shown below.

As you can see, each climate has a name, file name, various settings (display colour, global params, author's notes) and an array of land types. These are discussed below.

Climate name

The Climate name is the name of the climate, as it will appear in the design map parameters wizard, the design map pencil dialog box, and elsewhere. This name must be unique.

File name

The File name is the full file-path to the climate definition file (.cli.xml) used to store the climate data, which is usually kept in the '[L3DT path]\Resources\Climates' directory.

Display colour

The Display colour entry is the colour that is used to represent the climate in the 2D display of the main L3DT window (see example). Please refer to the design map schemes user-guide for more information.

Global params

Each climate contains some global parameters that modulate the coefficients for each of the individual land types in the climate.

These values include:

  • grad (gradient)
  • curv (curvature)
  • water
  • salin (water salinity)

In general, these values should be left at 1.0. They may be varied slightly if, for example, you find that the whole climate is too sensitive to salinity (eg. set Salin to 0.8 to reduce sensitivity).

Author's notes

Author's notes are a short, or long, description of the climate by its author, which may be read from the ‘notes’ button in the design map parameters wizard (next to the ‘climate’ drop-down list).

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