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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.2c

Released on the 26th of January, 2005 (see announcement)


  • Algorithm changes
    • Modified the heightfield generation algorithm, including changes to erosion, plateaux, and peak / fractal roughness.
  • User interface
    • Right-clicking in the main window opens a pop-up menu with which the user can select another map to be displayed.
  • File I/O
    • All the map export options have been compressed into a single 'Export active map' option.
    • A HTF export option has been included for the water map.
  • Bug fixes
    • Prevented thread-collisions in map display unit.
    • Added memory-leak checks.
  • L3DTVi2
    • Multi-resolution detail-mapping, for 3D cards that support GL_ARB_vertex_program and have at least 3 texture units.
    • The unused Cg.dll dependency has been removed.
    • The camera movement controls have been improved.
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