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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.4a

Released on the 8th of August, 2006 (see announcement)


Algorithm changes

  • High-res alpha maps.
  • Revised shape of mountain overlay.
  • Made per-pixel land types algo work without DM.
  • Added file overlay special type, with overlay manager.
  • Fixed LM, TX & alpha compatibility with high-res AM.

User interface

  • Added new calculation queue wizard, using CommonUI framework.
  • Removed obsolete 'Next »' toolbar/menu option.
  • Add presets bar to texture and 2nd light-mappping wizards.
  • Updated walkthrough.
  • Added progress display for 'clip heightfield' and 'set vert. scale'.
  • Added 'Auto layers' button to textures pane in land type editor, which generates all layers based on texture and bump-map filenames.

File I/O

  • Increased size-limit in export wizard to 8193×8193.
  • Set min/max alt for BMP/JPEG/PNG exports (forcing scale values).
  • Don't set active format on a file import.
  • Set default TN JPEG quality to 95 (was 90).
  • Moved settings.ini.xml→Presets to settings.ini.xml→Presets→Wizards to make space for other presets.


  • Made 'Operations→Heightfield→Change horiz. scale' modify HF.HorizScale in project settings.
  • Fixed 'Design map→Gen from HF'.
  • Properly enforce map size limits in 'design map size' wizard.
  • Fix bug reported by kanetsb (see here).
  • Fixed colour-clipping bug (see here).
  • Fixed 8-bit bitmap heightfield import bug.
  • Auto-translate '.mgf' to '.proj' without error message.
  • Added more debugging code to PDH usage.


  • Started a reusable and scriptable UI framework, wrapping MFC.
  • Completed Dialog, Edit, Combo, Static, Button and Checkbox classes.
  • Handled hide/show, enable/disable, parents, callbacks/message passing.


  • Allowed pro activation without registry write-access.
  • Applied new wizard settings model.
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