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File overlays

A 'file overlay' is a special terrain type that places on the terrain a pre-made feature from a file.

Example and usage

Please consult the 'using file overlays' tutorial.

Overlay settings

The settings for each overlay, which you can edit using the 'edit' button in the overlay manager utility, include:

FileName The file-name of the terrain file to use. See the overlay manager page for file paths and supported file types.
VertScale→MinVal The minimum altitude for the overlay, in metres. Should almost always be 0.
VertScale→MaxVal The maximum altitude for the overlay, in metres. Should always be greater than 0.
VertScale→ApplyScaling If false, use the default file vertical scaling. If true, use the scaling set by VertScale→MinVal and VertScale→MinVal.
Resize→Width The desired width of the overlay, in pixels.
Resize→Height The desired height of the overlay, in pixels.
Resize→DoResize If false, the size of the overlay is the same as the file. If true, the overlay is re-sized to the dimensions specified by Resize→Width and Resize→Height.
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