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Set the map displayed in the main window of L3DT.

Function prototype

bool CExtAPI::view_ShowMap(const char* lpProjMapName);


Name Type Comment
lpProjMapName const char* A pointer to a C-style string that names the map to be displayed.

Return value

true, pretty much all the time.


Values of lpProjMapName

The following values of lpProjMapName are valid:

lpProjMapName Which map is it?
“DM” The design map.
“HF” The heightfield.
“WM” The water map.
“WS” The water salinity map.
“AM” The attributes map.
“TN” The terrain normals map.
“LM” The light map.
“TX” The texture map.

Function is asynchronous

view_ShowMap will return before the map is actually re-drawn. This is because L3DT draws the map in another thread.

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