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Sends an error message to the parent application (e.g. L3DT).


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

void zeoReporteEror(const char* lpErrorMessage);


Name Type Comment
lpErrorMessage const char* Pointer to a C-style string containing the error message.

Return value

None (void).


Use this function!

Plugins should use zeoReportError in preference to their own error handling methods (such as MessageBox), as this function also logs the error message to a file for easy debugging (see log.txt).

What if Zeolite isn't initialised?

If zeoReportError is invoked before the Zeolite API has been initialised (i.e. before the call to zeoInitPlugin), the error message passed to zeoReportError will be shown in a MessageBox with style MB_ICONERROR.

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