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Edit the value of a variable using L3DT’s standard variable editing graphical user interface.


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

bool zvar_EditUI(ZVAR hVar, const char* lpPrompt, unsigned long Flags, ZLIST hOptions);


Name Type Comment
hVar ZVAR A ZVAR handle to a variable, the value of which is to be edited.
lpPrompt const char* A handle to a C-style string containing the title of the editor window. If null is given, a default title is used.
Flags unsigned long A bitfield containing flags to modify the behaviour of the editor user interface (see comments).
hOptions ZLIST A handle to a ZLIST containing additional options for the editor user interface (see comments). May be null, if no options are to be set.

Return value

False if:

  • The hVar handle is invalid (i.e. null.)
  • The variable type of hVar cannot be edited (see compatible types below.)
  • The user selects the 'Cancel' button in the user interface.

True otherwise.


Compatible types

The following variable types are compatible with the var_EditUI function:

  • VarID_char
  • VarID_byte
  • VarID_short
  • VarID_ushort
  • VarID_int
  • VarID_uint
  • VarID_int64
  • VarID_float
  • VarID_double
  • VarID_colour
  • VarID_vector3f
  • VarID_double
  • VarID_string
  • VarID_varlist
  • VarID_filesel
  • VarID_dirsel
  • VarID_combosel
  • VarID_Climate
  • VarID_LandType
  • VarID_Material

'Flags' and 'hOptions'

The Flags and hOptions arguments must be null. These arguments are reserved for future use.

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