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WaterMapPixel is the pixel data type for maps initialised as MAP_WaterMap.


In Zeolite_defines.h:

typedef struct {
  unsigned short WaterID;
  unsigned char Type;
  float WaterLevel;
} WaterMapPixel;

Member data

Member name Type Comments
WaterID unsigned short The integer ID number of the parent water body within the water map's water body list.
Type unsigned char The integer ID number that specifies the type of water at the pixel. Allowed values are listed below.
WaterLevel float The floating-point altitude of the water surface.

Type identifiers

VarID N/A (watermappixel is not a valid variable type.)
MapID MAP_WaterMap.


Type values

The following water types are allowed:

Type ID Description
0 No water.
10 Ocean.
11 Ocean shore.
30 Lake.
31 Lake shore.
90 Water table.
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