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Map types

The VarID_map variable type in Zeolite may be initialised as several different map types. These map types are represented by a signed 32-bit integer (positive or negative) that is set in zmap_Init, zmap_Init2 or zmap_InitMosaic, and retrieved using zmap_GetMapType. For readability, tokens are defined in 'Zeolite_defines.h' that may be used instead of the integer values (e.g. MAP_BYTE). These tokens are listed below, along with the corresponding integer value, pixel type, and bytes-per pixel (BPP) value.

Token Map ID Pixel type BPP Description
MAP_BYTE 1 BYTE 1 Generic 1-byte/pixel map, commonly used for mask maps.
MAP_WORD 2 WORD 2 Generic 2-bytes/pixel map.
MAP_RGB 3 ColourPixel 3 Default map type for image data such as light maps and textures.
MAP_RGBA 4 BYTE[4] 4 RGBA colour value.
MAP_DWORD 4 DWORD 4 Generic 4-bytes/pixel map.
MAP_DesignMap 10 DesignMapPixel 12 See Design map description.
MAP_Heightfield 20 float 4 See Heightfield description.
MAP_TerrainNormals 30 vector3c 3 See Terrain normals description.
MAP_WaterMap 40 WaterMapPixel 10 See Water map description.

Future versions of Zeolite will allow user-defined map types, and these map type IDs will be negative numbers. Hence, when using map IDs it is mandatory to use a signed long integer (32-bit).

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