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Plugin information

Author: Aaron
Description A plugin to smoothly blend the edges of the heightfield to a uniform value.
Menu option 'Operations→Heightfield→Edge levelling'
Availability Included in L3DT Pro 16.04 dev build 3 (x64) or later, from the 15th of Apr 2016.
Last update v16.04.0.1, 15 Apr 2016.

What does it do?

The atEdgeLeveller plugin may be used to smoothly blend the edges of the heightmap to a uniform elevation all around. This may be useful in creating a flat strip around the map when joining maps together (also, see atEdgeBlender), or for making islands, as below:

Before (rough edges) After (edges set to -50m)

Using atEdgeLeveller

To set the edges of the map to the same value all around, select the 'Operations→Heightfield→Edge levelling' menu option. You will be prompted to enter the edge elevation and edge width parameters, like so:

Edge levelling settings

Edge altitude (m)

The Edge altitude is the height, in metres above sea-level, that the edges of the map will be set to. If making an island surrounded by seafloor, set the Edge altitude value to a negative number such as -50.

Edge depth (px)

The Edge depth parameter is the distance, measured in heightmap pixels, that the blending operation will extend into the heightmap from the edges. The default value is one quarter of the map width or height, or 256 pixels (whichever is smaller).

North, East, South and West

The North, East, South and West checkboxes may be used to enable or disable edge levelling for specific edges of the map.

After you click OK

After you click the OK button, L3DT will store a backup of the heightfield (to allow 'undo'), apply the edge levelling calculation, and then re-draw the heightfield. If you do not like the results, or would like to change some of the settings, please use the 'Edit→Undo' menu option.

After performing the edge levelling calculation, you should re-calculate any other maps derived from the heightfield, such as the water map, attributes map, terrain normals, light map, texture map, etc.


2016/04/15 — Released v16.04.0.1 (initial release).

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