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Calculation plugins

Optional/new plugins not included with L3DT installer

Plugin Author(s) Description
atCalc_FFT Aaron Calculates the fast Fourier transform (FFT) of the heightfield, and the inverse transform.
atCluster Aaron Performs k-means clustering on images; useful for importing attributes maps.
atLightMapSequence Aaron Generates a sequence of light maps from user-specified settings.
atRainMaker Aaron An experimental plugin for water flow modelling.
SphericalDistort Aaron, Tillot Applies a spherical distortion to a heightfield and water map.

Official plugins included with L3DT installer

Plugin Author(s) Description
atCalc_AM_Image Aaron This plugin generates an RGB image of the attributes map.
atCalc_AM_MaskOverlay Aaron This plugin applies a land type to an area of the attributes map, based on a user-supplied mask (either an image file or a map in the project.).
atFilterAM Aaron Adds functions to filter the attributes map, and also generate alpha maps.
atEdgeBlender Aaron Adds functions to smoothly blend together non-matching heightfield edges.
atEdgeLeveller Aaron Adds functions to smoothly blend map edges to a uniform value (e.g. making an island).
atMergeMap Aaron This plugin allows you to stitch a second heightmap onto your existing heightmap.
atMeshDecimator Aaron This plugin generates an optimised, decimated mesh for exporting to 3DS/OBJ/B3D/X/etc files.
atConvertWaterToHeight Aaron Generates a heightfield from the water map elevations.
atRoads Aaron A plugin to provide road-building tools in the Sapphire 3D editor.
atRotate Aaron A plugin for rotating and mirroring maps.
DesignInflate Aaron This plugin implements the Design/Inflate terrain algorithms in L3DT.
libnoise Aaron A plugin wrapping the libnoise library by Jason Bevins, for generating ridged multi fractal terrain and such.
ZeoImage Aaron A calculation plugin for blending and manipulating image maps.
ZeoGraph Aaron A plugin for graph-based processing of maps.
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