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Enabling and disabling filters

When developing complex graphs, it may be useful at times to disconnect certain branches of the graph and not have them render. To disable a filter, first select the filter using the left mouse button, and then:

  • select the 'Filter→Disable' menu option,
  • press the 'enable/disable filter' toolbar button (shown below), or;
  • press the spacebar.

To re-enable a disabled filter, select the 'Filter→Enable' menu option, press the 'enable/disable filter' toolbar button, or press the spacebar again.

The 'enable/disable filter' toolbar button.

When a filter is disabled, it will be displayed as being greyed out:

:plugins:calc:zeograph:userguide:filters:enable:filterenabled.png :plugins:calc:zeograph:userguide:filters:enable:filterdisabled.png
Enabled Disabled

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