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Filter options

If a filter is displayed with an 'options…' bar at the bottom of the filter rectangle, as shown below, the filter contains additional options that you may edit.

A filter with editable options.

To edit the filter options, double-click the left mouse button over the filter. This will open a 'filter options' window, which will be either a basic options window or an advanced options window, as described below.

Basic option windows

By default, filters present their options using a basic list window provided by L3DT, such as that shown below. To edit any of the settings, double-click on their entry in the list.

A 'basic' options window, from the 'CreateMap' filter

Basic options windows do no 'sanity checks' on the values you enter, so in the event of errors, please check your entered values against the recommendations given on the filter's reference page.

Advanced option windows

Instead of using the default basic options window, some filters use advanced options windows that are custom-built for each filter. An example advanced options window (for the 'CombineMaps' filter) is shown below:

An 'advanced' options window, from the 'CombineMaps' filter

Advanced options windows should perform error-checking on your entered values (to the extent that this is possible), and inform you of any possible problems.

What do the options do?

The meaning of each filter's setting should be explained on the reference page for the filter.

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