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Filter selection

In your chosen operating system (Windows/Linux/etc.), you will be aware that at any one time there will be one active window that sits above the others [right now, I'm guessing it's this web browser]. Similarly, in ZeoGraph, there will be one selected filter that sits above the others.

What can I do with the selected filter?

You may use the toolbar buttons and/or menu items listed below to edit, remove or disconnect the selected filter:

Button Menu option Description
Filter→Options Edit the selected filter's options.
Filter→Disable Disables or re-enables the selected filter.
Filter→Disconnect Disconnect the pins of the selected filter.
Filter→Delete Delete the selected filter.

Which filter is selected?

You can easily tell which filter is selected because it will be drawn with a highlighted title bar, and surrounded by a blue rectangle, as shown below:

Selected Unselected

The filters are drawn using the colours of the current Windows theme. In the above screenshots, I was using Vista. If you are using XP or Windows 2000, the filters will look a little differently.

How to I select a filter?

You can change which filter is selected by left-clicking on the filter to be selected. This will change a filter from the unselected state (above right) to the selected state (above left). When you do this, the previously selected filter is de-selected.

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