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Index of users' projects

This page lists projects being undertaken by users of L3DT. Please feel free to add your own page or external link here.

Games and games-to-be

  • TA Spring — An open source project developing a new real-time strategy game of epic proportions. Currently uses models from Total Annihilation, and maps from various sources including L3DT.
  • BattleTanks II — An outrageously fun and good-looking tank-fighting game, by John Judnich. A free, complete demo is available.
  • Birth of Legends (BOL) — A massively multi-player on-line role-playing game (MMORPG) in development by Hinklemister et. al.
  • World of Takran — A team of us is making an MMORPG using L3DT and Irrlicht just like BOL is. Here is a link to our site (hasn't been updated since we have been busy developing :-D)

World-making projects

  • ME-DEM — The Middle Earth DEM Project. It is a massive, long-term project with the end goal of doing nothing less than accurately modelling the entirety of Tolkien's Middle Earth world, most famous from his Lord of the Rings trilogy. L3DT is being considered as one of the primary tools we will use, for its rapid terrain generation from design maps, developer responsiveness, and flexibility.
  • Aaron Pollyea's 'BattleTech Inner Sphere' project to make full planetary maps for Battletech players, using L3DT and Celestia. Featured in Commando Quarterly, vol 1, pp36-43 (2005), available from www.comandohq.com.

How do I add a description of my project?

  1. Login (top left corner of page).
  2. Click on the 'edit page' button (top-left/bottom-left of page).
  3. Copy some code that's already there and make the appropriate changes. Refer to the syntax guide if you want to do something fancy like add images or tables.
  4. Please keep the descriptions to a paragraph or two. If you want to go into detail (which is OK, encouraged even), please add your own subpage (see below).

Can I add a whole new page for my project?

Absolutely! Please consult the how to make a new page guide.

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